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Free ESL Games - grammar games, vocabulary games, and phonics programs.  I hope you enjoy them!
Games on this site:
Prepositions Game Comparative Game

birthday card templates!

printable calendars!

Verbs - simple past game Verb Usage - past, present, and future game
Auxiliary Verbs Game
Present Tense Game (par3 - easy) Present Perfect Game (par4 - difficult)

Valentines Game

verbs game 1   verbs game 2   verbs game 3

bedroom  tools  prepositions  weather

classroom  nature  toys

animals 1 (new)  vegetables

I have over 30 different talking vocabulary building games available to students.  I hope to feature 7 or 8 each month, so please check back.

Holiday Games: Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas

Short Vowels and Hard Consonants Aa Bb Cc Matching Game
Short Vowels and Hard Consonants Game and quiz Mid Vowel (CVC) games and quizzes
Consonant Blends

animals 1    body parts    health

food    colors    fruit

more videos with question and answer options at


If you enjoy these games please let me know. I will make more if people actually use them.    contact: Mark

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123Certificates has free printable reward certificates with many different themes; sports, cool, cute, formal, holidays and more. Add the matching incentives sheets to your lesson plans and reward somebody today!

Language Resources

Other websites with games for learning English: Other interesting sites:
Phonics Games Online - free alphabet and phonics games for young learners to adults.

Free ESL videos - learn vocabulary, question and answer videos, question only and you provide the answer.

www.sesamestreet.com/sesamestreet/ a great children's site with talking pages.  There is a stories page where the characters will read the story to you.  It's a great place to work on over all understanding.

More great children's sites with talking pages.  Books, games, printables, coloring and more. 

Storyonline.net - famous actors read stories in streaming video with pictures and follow-up exercises.

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